Crocodile and Hen
Karen Rae Kraut, Nicole Cloeren & Rebecca the Monkey

Crocodile and Hen, a story from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has Rebecca the Monkey and Nicole on the edge of their seats as Karen tells it. Crocodile wants to eat the juicy little hen, but Hen and others try to convince him not to. Nurturing the imagination, telling vivid stories from around the world, and engaging young learners in puppetry activities that allow for creative expression and social emotional learning are cornerstones of Into The Soup with Rebecca. This live webinar was recorded on April 29 and now available for you to enjoy with your students at your convenience.


Additional live webinars in this fun series feature different stories and activities on May 13 and 27.


“A delicious mix of storytelling and puppetry!” 


Recommended Grades: Pre-k – 3

Length: 40 minutes