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Placing the Arts at the Center of Learning

Since its launch in 1997, McCallum Theatre Education (formerly known as McCallum Theatre Institute) — the education department of McCallum Theatre — has served nearly one million students, educators and community members with performances and arts education experiences. In close partnership with local education agencies, McCallum makes the arts available and accessible to youth in the area through its dynamic education programs.

In addition, projects like Palm Desert Choreography Festival and Open Call Talent Project serve as powerful vehicles for developing artists and present exciting and affordable performances open to the general public. McCallum Theatre Education seeks to enhance the role of the arts by inspiring greater awareness of their educational, cognitive, emotional and spiritual power.

By encouraging an active and experiential study of the arts, McCallum Theatre Education advances the belief that all human beings are inherently creative. The education programs developed by the McCallum are designed to build on that creativity by equipping individuals with the skills necessary for a life-long engagement with the arts and an understanding of their essential contribution to enlightened citizenship.

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