Placing the Arts at the Center of Learning

Since its launch in 1997, McCallum Theatre Education (formerly known as McCallum Theatre Institute) — the education department of McCallum Theatre — has served nearly one million students, educators and community members with performances and arts education experiences. In close partnership with local education agencies, McCallum makes the arts available and accessible to youth in the area through its dynamic education programs. In addition, projects like Palm Desert Choreography Festival and Open Call Talent Project serve as powerful vehicles for developing artists and present exciting and affordable performances open to the general public.

McCallum Theatre Education seeks to enhance the role of the arts by inspiring greater awareness of their educational, cognitive, emotional and spiritual power.

By encouraging an active and experiential study of the arts, McCallum Theatre Education advances the belief that all human beings are inherently creative. The education programs developed by the McCallum are designed to build on that creativity by equipping individuals with the skills necessary for a life-long engagement with the arts and an understanding of their essential contribution to enlightened citizenship.

Partners In Education

These organizations and individuals have contributed financially to McCallum Theatre Education:



Cmdr. Allen Donor Advised Fund

Diane Anderson

Irene W. & Guy L. Anderson Children's Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Appel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Appelbaum

Robert W. Archer and Charles Hilliar

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Area

Barbara Arnstein

The Coeta and Donald Barker Foundation

Marge Barry

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Barton

Ms. Betty A. Battista

"Babette ""Babs"" Bay"

Mrs. Joy Bellan

Rebecca Benaroya

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berk

Ms. Phoebe Biscow-Brown

Mr. and Mrs. George Bovis

Ms. Cardriner Bowden

Roger Bredahl and Marvin Meyers

Mrs. Nancy Breighner

Rosemarie and Dean L. Buntrock

Fred Burres & Andrew Chikos

Burrtec Waste & Recycling Services

Mrs. Laverne Burgess

Betty and Jordan Bushman

California Presenters

Jean C. Carrus

Kay Chester

City of La Quinta

City of Palm Desert

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Coakley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cunningham

Keith and Donna Jean Darby

Mrs. Jo Ann Davis

Mrs. Lynn DeKock

Margie DeKock

Neal and Diane Denkler

The Desert Sun Publishing Co.

Frank Dimick and Patricia Andrews

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dobler

Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Dodge

Mr. William Duncan

Ms. Jane B. L. Emison and Mr. Mike Tierney

Mr. Harlan Eyre

Mr. and Mrs. James Forgette

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. French

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Freund

Frank and Alvera Gaeta

Helene Galen

Susan and Warren Gelman

Sandra and Mitch Gershenfeld

Hal and Diane Gershowitz

Mr. Ted Giatas

Mrs. George Goldstein (Dorothy)

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Goldstein

Mr. Russell Grant

Mrs. Arline E. Greenblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Alan I. Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Gregoire

Ms. Carole R. Haller

Marcella Halter

Kay F. Hanson

Ms. Nancy G. Harris

Mrs. Helen P. Herman

Mr. and Mrs. John Herrell

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hopson

James R. Houston

Ms. Roberta Peters Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Katzen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly

Mr. Ken Kelly and Mr. Tim Hubick

Mrs. Louise Kermode

Mr. Mervin A. Kolb

Mrs. Katharine Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. D. Landon

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lane

The Larsen Foundation



Mr. Jeff Larson

Mrs. Madeleine Larson

Ms. Lisa Lefkovitz

Mrs. Mary V. Lester

Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Levey

Ed Levine & Carol Lazetera

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Levy

Mr. and Mrs. James Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lilac

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Low

Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Lubar

Jerry and Barbara Lundberg

Ms. Francesca Luzuriaga

Mrs. Marilyn Lynch

Donna MacMillan

Mr. and Mrs. Judd Malkin

Mr. Barry Manilow

Harold Matzner

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McBride

Ms. JoAnn McGrath

Mrs. Louise A. McSweeney

Lowell Milken Family Foundation

Cookie Miller

Mrs. Sarah R. Milmet

Dr. and Mrs. Myron Mintz

Ms. Olga Morales and Mr. Allen Burstiner

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Nevil

Mr. and Mrs. Mike J. Neuman

Mr. and Mrs. John Nocita

Mr. and Mrs. Gene O'Dell

Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Oliver

Cydney and Bill Osterman

Barbara and Robert Paget

Mrs. Patricia Paige

Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic

Mr. George Papas

Mrs. Elise M. Pasetta

Mr. Dave Patino

Ms. Bonnie D. Pauker

Michael & Cecelia Peroni

Mrs. and Mr. Kathleen G. Place

Barbara M. Platt

Linda and Manny Rider

Rella and Monroe Rifkin

Tim and Carol Rochford

Mrs. Jan L. Salta

Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Salzman

Mr. and Mrs. Marty Schechtman

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schliessmann

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Schmalz

Ms. Constance L. Sharp

Mary Silver

Mrs. Sarah Simonds

Spotlight 29 Casino

Sprint Foundation

Sally St. John

Mrs. Nancy G. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stonehill

Mrs. Roberta R. Susskind

Ms. Mary R. Swink

Mr. and Mrs. Jerald D. Terry

Mrs. Connie Tirschwell

Sherwyn Turbow

Variety - The Children's Charity of the Desert

Mr. Jack Verderame

Jean Baur Viereck

Mrs. Barbara Waddell

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Weakley

"Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Webb, Jr."

Mr. and Mrs. Clive Weightman

Wells Fargo

Diane and Gerald Wendel

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Whitaker

Chip M. Wickett

Mr. and Mrs. Murray M. Wine

Mr. Richard Woolley

Frank and Mary Ann Xavier