Grammy Award nominee Clint Holmes - the consummate entertainer, writer, performer, recording artist, and one of the country’s finest vocalists - is back with a brand-new concert-event celebrating the songs of the legendary Peter Allen. Between the Moon and New York City will traverse the songbook of Peter Allen and how it relates to not only Clint’s story, but to all of us. “Peter was someone I loved as an entertainer, a songwriter, and a friend,” Holmes states. “He was funny, fresh, fierce, and an absolute original. Of all the incredible artists I’ve been inspired by throughout my career, no one has moved me more than Peter. I feel like I’ve lived enough life to finally dig into this genius’ body of work.” Songs in the show include hits Don’t Cry Out Loud, I Honestly Love You, I Go To Rio, Arthur’s Theme, Once Before I Go, Everything Old Is New Again - to rarely heard gems. “I cannot wait to bring this show across the country and around the world to celebrate the memory and legacy of Peter Allen,” Holmes adds. “The show’s messages of love, family, hope, and pure fun are universal messages that are needed to be felt now more than ever.”

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