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Prepare to be swept away by a captivating fusion of tradition and innovation! TAIKOPROJECT isn’t your typical taiko group; they present a dynamic contemporary mix of taiko, music, storytelling, and choreography. Inspired by Benzaiten, the Japanese goddess of everything that flows, this performance seamlessly weaves percussive power and strength with graceful elements. Experience the thunderous resonance of authentic taiko drums alongside the delicate tones of bamboo flutes and the ethereal sounds of the koto. And of course, be prepared for their awe-inspiring centerpiece: a 350-pound mother drum that will quite literally make the earth tremble beneath your feet! 

“This ain’t your mama’s taiko, but it may be your hip, younger cousin’s.”
– LA Weekly 

Mon, Jun 10 3:00pm

Tickets: All seats $15
(Inclusive of fees)

This performance is part of the 2024 McCallum Theatre Summer Institute, returning for the first time since 2019.  A component of The Aesthetic Education Program, the Summer Institute provides professional development for local teachers and features exciting performances and other activities that foster inquiry-driven learning in the arts.

Watch for the full line-up of workshops and activities, coming soon!